Prospectus and Policies

You can download a full prospectus here.

Our playgroup is a member of Playgroup and Toddler Association in Gloucester (PATA). This means that all parents of our group are also members.
PATA provide support, regular news bulletins and training.

OFSTED Inspections

OFSTED Inspections
We are inspected by OFSTED at regular intervals. Our last OFSTED inspection was in June 2016. We were awarded a “Good rating”, which we are extremely pleased with. We have copies our latest OFSTED Report at playgroup or you can access it through the OFSTED web site.

Data Protection
Please be advised that only key personnel hold electronic details of children attending our playgroup. Details include Child’s name, date of birth, contact name (parent/carer), address, telephone number and days that your child attends our group. This is not contravening Data Protection and we assure you that the information will be securely disposed of when it is no longer needed.

Policies and Procedures
We have numerous Policies and Procedures in Place which include Child Protection, Confidentiality, Complaints, Employing Staff etc, these are all available to read at playgroup. These policies are all reviewed annually.

Special Educational Needs
We have a dedicated SENCO within our group and she works hard to ensure that all staff are up to date with any requirements for children within our group who have Special Educational Needs.
We have good relationships with outside agencies and work alongside Speech Therapists, Health Visitors etc.

Free for 2 and 4’s Funding (Nursery Education Grant)
All children are entitled to 15 hours free Nursery Education the term after their 3rd Birthday. The funding process is very easy, our coordinator (Clare Coleman) will ask you to sign your Grant Form once your child is eligible and we do the rest. If your child attends more than one setting you must inform both settings how many hours your child attends. You may also have a shortfall in Funding if your child attends for more than 15 hours per week and you may be charged for the shortfall in funding that we receive.

Current Fees
Until your child is eligible for funding you will have to pay fees.
Current Fees are £10.50 per session

Bills are issued at the start of each term and should be paid within 2 weeks of receipt. We do understand that there may sometimes be difficulties in paying fees and can arrange for weekly payments if this is easier. Just speak to Clare Coleman our Playgroup Co-ordinator. Failure to pay fees may result in your child being withdrawn from playgroup.
You must give 2 weeks notice if you wish to withdraw your child from playgroup.

Waiting List
At St Peter’s Under 5s we try to ensure that places are allocated fairly. Our playgroup Coordinator, Clare Coleman holds a waiting list. If you have a younger child and would like their name added to the waiting list please complete a waiting list form, available from playgroup.

Medical Matters
As part of our Registration Form you will be asked to complete details of your child’s doctor, vaccinations and any medical conditions or allergies that your child may have. If your child has a medical condition you may be asked to complete an additional form to confirm what actions need to be taken by our staff if required. If your child has an accident at playgroup you will be asked to read and sign our accident book and a copy will be given to you.

Arrival and Collection
On arrival please wait under the covered area until a member of staff comes to collect you. Please accompany your child in to playgroup and sign them in. The children will also need to hang their coat on their peg and put their snack in their drawer or their lunch box away.
When collecting your child, please wait under the covered area until a member of staff comes to collect you.

Children’s Coat Pegs and Drawers
Each child is allocated a coat peg with their name on it, this helps with name recognition.

Your child will also be allocated a drawer; this will be shared with one other child. They will be expected to put their snack for morning sessions in their drawers.

In your drawer there will be a folder with your child’s name on it. Any correspondence will go in this folder as well as work that your child wants to bring home with them. Please check these folders each time you bring your child to playgroup.

Rota Duties
As we are a community playgroup, we do expect parents to help out at playgroup on a rota basis. Our Coordinator will issue rotas each term, if there are dates or days that you cannot do duties we will try our best to accommodate this providing you give us sufficient notice.
You will only be expected to do rota duties on days that your child attends and you are welcome to bring younger siblings.
If you cannot do your duty it is your responsibility to swap with another parent (each rota sheet has a list of parents phone numbers).
If you fail to do your duty you will be fined £10
We have a separate sheet detailing what we would like you to do whilst on rota duty, the most important thing is to enjoy playing with and talking to the children. It is also a good opportunity to see your child in the playgroup setting.

We try to keep you up to date with termly newsletters and also have a notice board outside the playgroup to inform you what your child will be doing at playgroup and any other notices that we have.

Fund Raising
St Peter’s Under 5s is a registered charity. In order to run our group it is essential that we Fund Raise.

Playgroup Fees and Nursery Funding only cover some of the costs for running the group.

We have a number of fund raising events throughout the year, including coffee mornings, sponsored finds and a joint summer fun day with the school.

It is essential that we have parental support for these events.
If you have any Fund Raising ideas please speak to a member of the staff or committee who will be delighted to chat with you.

Penny Pots
One of our ongoing Fund Raising events is our Penny Pots. When your child starts playgroup you will be given a named penny pot, we would ask that you put some pennies in the pot and send it to playgroup with your child. Please do not feel that you have to send penny pots in every time your child comes to playgroup.

This Fund Raising usually earns us over £400 each year!

Snacks & Lunch Boxes
Morning Sessions – Your child will need to bring a healthy snack for morning sessions, this can be fruit or vegetables, in a named container that will fit in their drawer.

Afternoon Sessions – your child will need to bring a lunch box, please do not send in sweets or chocolate. Please do not send cartons of drink, if the children don’t drink it all it ends up all over the lunch box. The aim of both of the above is to help the children when they move on to school.

Water Bottles
Your child will also need a named water bottle that they can bring to playgroup each day.

We feel that it is important that children have access to water at all times and it is easier for them if they have their own recognisable bottle.

Playgroup T-Shirts/Sweatshirts and Fleeces
The children are often playing with sand, water, paint and glue etc, so please do not send them to playgroup in their best clothes. We do always try to ensure that they have aprons on but this does not stop paint etc getting on to clothes.

We do sell the following items with our playgroup logo on:
T-Shirts - £5.00
Sweatshirts - £9.00
Fleeces - £12.50
A T-Shirt will be given to you when you first start; this is included in the £10 Registration Fee.

Moving on to School
We would like to point out that although we have close links with St Peter’s Catholic Primary School and our preschool children go over to the school for story times, attending our playgroup does not in any way guarantee your child a place at the school when it is time for them to move on to school.

Useful Downloads:

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